Spring in the City


Celebrate Spring with colour.

Winter is officially over, and spring is in the air (and on the ground!). City of Perth and Spirit Events are excited to bring back the ever popular pinwheels as part of the Embrace the Elements campaign.

There will be four thousand pinwheels across four locations and days in the Perth CBD for everyone to enjoy. Spirit's staff will be placing the #springpinwheels in as early as 6 AM so everyone in the city can be pleasantly surprised all day! Why not plan a family picnic in the city or stop by for a break from shopping? The first display was in front of St George's Cathedral on Sunday the 10th September. Keep an eye out for the next displays at:

Sunday 15 October - Northbridge Piazza (cnr Lake and James streets)

Sunday 22 October - East Perth (adjacent to the Royal's outdoor area)

Sunday 29 October - Central Park (cnr William and Hay streets) 

The mass of pinwheels all turn when the wind blows, with the movement creating a beautiful, artistic scene. They also represent flowers in spring - blooming and colourful. Bringing a sense of nostalgia for adults, and providing entertainment for the kids! Children are encouraged to walk around and pick a pinwheel (just like a flower) to take home to play with, or even to decorate their own garden!

Share your artistic pinwheel photos on instagram with the hashtags #springinthecity and #springpinwheels!

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First photo by City of Perth.


Chris Bennett