The Client agrees that in providing products and performing services in accordance with this Engagement or unless it has authority from the Client to do so. Spirit Events & Entertainment may collect personal information (including sensitive and health information) about the Client and other persons. Spirit Events & Entertainment will only use this information for the purposes of providing the products and services to the Client unless is legally required.

If the Client provides Spirit Events & Entertainment with personal information collected from other individuals, the Client warrants to Spirit Events & Entertainment that that information is correct, has been collected in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation and that Spirit Events & Entertainment is authorised to receive that information from the Client and to use it for the purposes of providing the products and services to the Client. In the course of acting for the Client, Spirit Events & Entertainment may disclose to the Client personal information about other individuals in which case the Client agrees that it will use, disclose, handle, store and transfer that information only in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The Client also agrees that it will comply with Spirit Events & Entertainment requirements in relation to the protection of personal information.