DIY Terrarium Workshops


School Holidays have arrived!

There's been a drastic increase of interest in DIY projects in both adults and children in recent years. People have been known to create almost anything - home renovations, coat hangers, kids activities, decorations and much more. Considering this growing market, why not join in this popular activity -  kids can create their own terrarium for either bugs or unicorns (toy ones, of course)! Come along to create a tiny world in a jar and personalise it with colourful sand, rocks, trees and mushrooms. The finished product would be a great decoration for your home and a beautiful memento. Did we mention this event is FREE?

If this sounds like something your kids would love to try out, come along to the workshops from 23rd September to 8th October - the ground floor of Enex shopping mall in the city!

We had so much fun experimenting with different materials and styles to figure out a combination for a perfect little world. We had boxes with thousands of little trees, sand and other things all over our dining room table, and then got to work.

Take a look at our terrarium work station!


We have so many things to do these school holidays, including pet rock painting workshops, dinosaur mask making workshops and face painting! Stay tuned to our blog, we'll be posting a rock painting blog soon!

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Chris Bennett